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Currently, all hypert software is free as in beer
Downloads: Mac OS X app, Perl Script
Version: 1.18
Date: Feb 14, 2014
Requirements: Perl and curl (or wget)
Description: M3U files are simple text files used to "stream" MP3 files. You can find them at many excellent sites like CD Baby and Magnatune. Sometimes, you might want to keep the real MP3 file, instead of just streaming it. This program (m3u2mp3) does just that!

On Mac OS X, the app should just run as is. You can can drop one or more M3U files on it, and it will fetch all the MP3s referenced in the M3U(s). You can just double-click on the M3U file(s) to launch them with m3u2mp3 and download the MP3s. If you'd like to edit the underlying Perl script in this app, open the app's package contents and then edit Contents/Resources/script.

Using the Perl script (on all platforms, including Mac OS X) should be just as easy. You will need Perl installed as well as a "downloader" like wget or curl. The default is wget; if you want to use curl or some other tool, edit the line in the script that sets the $DOWNLOADER variable (for curl, set it to something like curl --location --remote-name). You can use m3u2mp3 from the command-line with the name of the M3U file(s) as arguments.

In Windows, you can also just double-click the Perl script and it will prompt you for an M3U file. If you install a Perl DropHandler, you can also drag-and-drop M3U files on top of this script. Look at that DropHandler registry script before installing it, to make sure your Perl is in the location specified (C:\Perl\bin) and to be sure you won't be missing any other actions previously associated with .pl files. I know many people are nervous about anything to do with the Registry, but this is a straight-forward file-association/drop-handler script that matches exactly what I do to my Registry all the time.

The Mac version of m3u2mp3 was created with Platypus. The icon for the Mac app (and for M3U files associated with the app) come from mattahan's Umicons volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 (permission granted).

XEmacs Wrapper
Download: Mac OS X app
Version: 2.0
Date: May 23, 2011
Requirements: XEmacs, X11
Description: XEmacs Wrapper is (obviously) a wrapper around the excellent XEmacs editor. You will need to install XEmacs:
  • by compiling the source (installs into /usr/local/bin), or
  • by using fink (installs into /sw/bin), or
  • by using DarwinPorts (installs into /opt/local/bin)
You will also need Apple's X11 in order to run XEmacs.

This wrapper integrates XEmacs into the Finder by providing a regular double-clickable application that will activate X11 and launch XEmacs. Of course, it completely supports drag-and-drop, too! Starting with rev 2.0, this wrapper uses gnuclient, which means you can keep dropping files on the icon and they'll open in the same XEmacs windows instead of opening in separate windows (separate instances of XEmacs).

XEmacs Wrapper was created with Platypus.


The following are other scripts/apps of mine that I'd like to release someday, but they take time to make "clean" enough to share with the world. If one of them sounds very interesting, email me and I can share it "as is" or I can step up the pace and clean it up for general distribution.